Am 9. May. 2022 | 18:00 Uhr

S4F „System Dynamics for Future?“ by Nathalie Spittler

Created at 9. May. 2022

by s4f_ooe


The lecture will explore the System Dynamics method and how it might help us to understand complex current and potential future dynamics of our social, environmental, and economic system and especially the connections between them. The System Dynamics method was originally developed by Jay W. Forrester. It was used for the World3 model, which provided the basis for the famous Limits to Growth report by the Club of Rome in 1972.

The talk will touch upon the following questions relevant to understand (sustainable) systems‘ dynamics: Why do we need to understand feedback processes in our system? How are reinforcing and balancing dynamics created? Why do processes of accumulation matter? What is a delay? What does all of this have to do with exponential growth and non-linearity? What are low and deep leverage points?

These questions and their answers will be linked to different topics of sustainability. Through this the lecture will give insights into how we can comprehend many of today’s complex issues. Most importantly though it will discuss ways of exploring solutions for the future and capturing their systemic impacts.

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