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If you are interested in this topic you might work with a bunch of people on various topics. The good thing is that many organization models work well on a normal base during a regular day. But what will happen if there is an urgent situation? an emergency? Who is responsible to act, to communicate to talk for the group? This is just one situation but if you worked in groups for some time you definitely know that there are even less urgent situations which can stop the group from functioning for a (short) period of time.

I work for Extinction Rebellion (XR). We act all over the world for the same goals. The basis for this is laid by 10 principles and values. Not the only one but definitely a strong argument for our organizational model is number 10: “we are based on autonomy and decentralization”.

That means, we try to establish a dynamic, linked, regenerative, transparent, consensus-based network with clear roles and competences. But enough with the organizational model of XR. The focus should now be on you and your group!

Get ready for the workshop

In order to make the workshop more beneficial for you, you can think about the questions below.

• How is your group organised?
• Do you use a top down or bottom up model?
• What is your personal role in this group? (Do you have a specific role? What are you allowed to do? Your responsibilities?)
• Do you know who is responsible for a specific topic? (answering mails, money, materials etc.) And what is this person allowed to do?
• Do you know what your colleagues are working on? If not, do you know where you find this information?
• How do you make small decisions? Big decisions? (in a relaxed or stressed timeframe.)
• Is the knowledge of everyone used or just of the more talkative ones or more experienced ones?
• What happens if the person who is responsible for a specific topic can`t fulfil his or her role?
• Every day is a different day with new chances and new obstacles. How do you react to them?
• How does your group react under stress?

These are just a few questions to help you start thinking about your organizational structure. I am pretty sure, that you had at least one moment of amusement about a vulnerable spot within your own structures. If you want to share your answers to these questions in advance to the workshop you are welcome to write me: moritzkofler@posteo.de. Otherwise, let’s discuss it with fellow interested people in the workshop.

If you want to hear more about the model that uses XR you can watch the presentation on the May 21st, 11am, where, additionally, many further information sources will be presented. And if some questions already popped up in your mind I would be very happy to discuss them during the workshop. But please note that the number of participants is limited. So make sure you get a spot ;) Otherwise I will try to help you out via mail!

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