AMRO18// Pablo DeSoto - From the Sputnik to the Stack: Radical Cartography in the Age of Planetary-Scale Computation

Created at 6. Aug. 2018

6479 Ansichten
by servus

Presentation | Art Meets Radical Openness 2018
Festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism & Open Culture.

From the Soviet Sputnik to Bratton's proposition of the Stack, networked infrastructures have become a global architecture of computer mediation which produces a distributed and largely uncontested new expression of power (Zubofff 2016).

If radical cartography is the practice of mapmaking that subverts conventional notions in order to actively promote social change, the lecture explores an update of the term in the current Age of planetary-scale computational infrastructures, algorithmic governance and Surveillance Capitalism.

By contesting the Silicon Valley consensus about the future, counter-hegemonic mapping initiatives work both in visualizing the new world order complexity but also as ways of imagining and organising emerging citizen-based networked infrastructures.


Dr. Pablo DeSoto is an architect, scholar and educator with an iconoclastic experience across geographic and disciplinary borders. He is the editor of three books Fadaiat, Freedom of Movement and Freedom of knowledge, Situation Room: Designing a Prototoype of a Citizen Situation Room and After Video Assemblages. In the 2000s he was co-founder of hackitectura.net, a group of architects, computer specialists and activists. Pablo is currently Guest Lecturer at Umeå University School of Architecture.



Video licence: servus.at, CC BY-SA
Program: http://www.radical-openness.org/program/2018

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