AMRO18// Yoshinari Nishiki - Dissecting container ships

Created at 6. Aug. 2018

4551 Ansichten
by servus

Presentation | Art Meets Radical Openness 2018
Festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism & Open Culture.

In "Dissecting container ships", the historic origin of containerization is followed all the way back to the 18th century, covering the switch from sailing ships to steam vessels, towards mechanization of shipping, pushed by industrial production.
Container shipping effectively moves 90% of all the manufactured goods on the globe today, namely functioning as a backbone of modern civilization. Knowing the basic idea behind containerization allows you to find your own point of intervention on solid ground.
Contrary to the image of being the most optimized form of deep-sea cargo transport as marketed by container liners, there are, in fact, flaws in ever-increasing size of so-called mega-ships. Seeking economies of scale certainly has a limit, sooner or later, a drastic change must occur.


Yoshinari Nishiki (JP) is an artist based in Rotterdam. His work explores the entanglement of economics and ecology.
Yoshinari is the founder of Technology Of Future Utopia (TOFU). In 2014, Yoshinari completed his MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice under Graham Harwood and Matthew Fuller at Goldsmiths, University of London. There he developed projects such as Banana Multiplier and Homing Pigeon Unused Train Ticket Delivery System. During V2_ Summer Sessions 2016, Yoshinari developed Pickcoin, a locative digital currency backed up by free ice cream.
Since 2013 Yoshinari is part of the Bristol-based collective Irational.org.


Video licence: servus.at, CC BY-SA
Program: http://www.radical-openness.org/program/2018

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