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Sample as that S03E03

Created at 1. Jun. 2022

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by eliot arts

„we provide the space and a sample, you bring your tools or instruments. everyone builds a track within two hours regardless of genre, aesthetics or technique. all are welcome to craft and listen – again, it’s as simple as that.“

02.06.2022 – 18:00-23:00

Stadtwerkstatt & Dorf-TV

SAMPLE CURATED by lé great „DJ Redlips“

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dear all, here's a quick reminder, that we are back on site @ STWST but still collaborate with the lovely people of DORF-TV! that being said, our current schedule regarding the THIRD SEASON of „Sample As That“ reads as follows:

18:00 – 18:30 … SET UP & DOWNLOAD

Find your space within STWST and set up your equipment. We'll share the curated and handpicked sample beforehand via USB-STICK as well as via DOWNLOAD-LINK in HERE!

18:30 – 20:30 … SAMPLING

You’re welcome to work for up to 2 hours on your music/sound by using bits and pieces of the provided track – after this period, YOU'LL UPLOAD your contributions ONTO AN OWNCLOUD-FOLDER or hand it in via USB-STICK. Please be sure to name your track accordingly. [ „ProducerName_TrackTitle.wav“ so we can address you properly during the listening session!!! ] DEADLINE is at 20:45, so please make sure that we have your tack by that time!


We start into the show with impressions and interviews by our host ELIOT and we’ll be listening together to each contribution at the STWST and live via DORF-TV one after the other. [ Please let us know if you don't want your track to be played or streamed! ] During the tv-stream we provide context to all tracks – thus giving insight into the curated sample, the curator, and the participants; as well as giving attention and focus to each production, and applause respectively, as usual!

You're welcome to join the conversation, hence the show, via ZOOM and talk about YOUR production ON AIR as well!

– – – – –

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