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von Fatima El Kosht / am 16.12.2016

music by Schmieds Puls recorded by Sixtus Preiss mixed by Martin Siewert mastered by Mischa Janisch camera by Liesa Kovacs

many thanks also to Alina Sonea (www.alinasonea.com) for the coverart & Julian Pflüger for spontaneous expertise on stuff.





she´s the full on stubborn with the windbreaker on she looks so forlorn like a new born with her anger face on somebody tear her out of there where the soil wouldnt feed

my fair white skin never felt a wrong hands touch but i strongly feel like i´m on a sister´s watch

you think you pay me tribute you think you treat me real good but you´re never gonna play in my team some feel the need to protect my thighs, too, but i know well how to keep myself warm

everything is under con everything is under control!

i´m too easy on you all the time i´m too nice and compliant all the time

i have it all but i cant, cant live on none of your old treasures

how are you not fret and fume? in your bed of bad parfumes? how´re you not screaming? come girl i´ll help you skimming this should be the least of your concerns.

i can be insensitive i can be so mean to you i can be insensitive when you tell me what i´m asking for, but most of the time..

i´m too easy on you all the time i´m too nice and compliant all the time i´m all smiles and fine with anything you say i´m too easy on you all the time

i can´t make up my mind if i should lead you on or if i rather stand alone

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