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BONGSU, A Pencak Silat documentary by Gregor Grkinic

von DORFbrunnen / am 22.07.2016

(Deutsch/Englisch mit Deutschen Untertiteln)
Bongsu: in Malaysia, this is the name given to the youngest child in the family. For the Austrian film maker Gregor Grkinic, Bongsu is his younger brother, Boris. In 2012, he accompanied him on his trip to Malaysia and Thailand, where he participated in the World Championship of Pencak Silat, an old southeast Asian martial art. What resulted was an intimate portrait: one that conveys the experience of reaching physical and mental limitations in daily training sessions in a Malayan village, as well as documents the extraordinary friendship between Boris and his master, Aziwahija bin Yeop, that stretches across cultures and continents.

Documentary | 45 min | German/English/Malay | OmU | HD | 2014

Aziwahija bin Yeop
Boris Grkinic
Halim bin Hamit
Hairul Hasannah Shahbudin
Ruzi Abu Bakar

Director / Camera / Sound / Editing
Gregor Grkinic

Music by
Matthias Kranebitter

Additional Music
Malay Traditional Music

Audio Mastering
Paul Schleicher

Margarethe Satorius
Boris Grkinic

Produced by Monolithfilm

Special Thanks
Charlotte Gogler
Hermann Kurasch
Ruzi Abu Bakar
Jakob Rathmanner
Marlies Pucher
Angelika Grkinic
Martin Lohr
Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia
Seni Gayung Fatani Austria
Mario Reiter
Fox Medialab
Zone Media
© monolithfilm 2014

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