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madhou5e - Auster

von madhou5e / am 07.03.2020

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▲ Auster Auster was born in Austria, and grew up in Gallspach City. The artist name "Auster" came out from the last 3 letters of his real name, ***AUS ***TER.

After almost a year before he got that artist name, he started on a small but really nice program which is Ableton. Since that moment he was totally caught and fascinated of these programs. He had a very good and professional assistance that helped him to broaden his horizon with the Ableton.

Since he was young, his life was always accompanied by music and he had settled down very quickly in "Ableton Live World" where he found out that his strength is the Synthesizer and he improved that more and more up to the perfection.

Auster's goal is to make extraordinary melodies and stamping beats, not only to invite people to dance but also leave a constant good impression wherever he plays.


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Unser Zuhause ▶ http://madhou5e.tv/

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▲ Lokation: Stadtwerkstatt

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▲ Broadcast Network Watch out for your nearest broadcast station, https://madhou5e.tv/station/

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