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Dozetas - Written portraits

von Monica Vlad / am 01.06.2020

Written-portraits (Escrito-retratos) by Dozetas

Dozetas is a poly-artistic artist from Argentina, who settled in Austria 2 years ago. He works in several fields (theater, painting, performance art, literature). With his Written-portraits, he combines the art of writing, music and performance in a homogeneous experience. He transformed a writer's backstage game into a stage game, in which the abstract becomes a palpable language between him and the audience. At his "concerts" you can only hear the music and the typewriter until the moment when the portrait is read aloud. At the performance level, it works somewhat with the suspense and the waiting horizon of the audience.

Dozetas is advanced in meeting people and his portraits surprised many of the volunteers who dared to make their eyes vulnerable in front of him.

This performance consists in the spontaneous writing of portraits, on the typewriter, with a background of improvised music (usually 2-3 musicians). The role of music in the act of portraiture is to transform the energy, which is created between the person portrayed and Dozetas, into an inspirational material for the poetry-type portrait that is born in the present moment.

More on: http://dozetas.com/ https://www.instagram.com/dozetology/

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