Created at 1. Jun. 2020

3065 Ansichten
by Monica Vlad

PLENTY!! goes COVID-19 DOOM DROOON Apocalyptic Romance!

With all respect for the original Art Craft of the only existing footage made from the Dada, Constructivism and Abstract art creator and pioneer VIKING EGGELING
I took the opportunity to improvise around his 1924 film Symphonie diagonale [Diagonal Symphony]
One of the rare seminal abstract films in the history of experimental cinema.
BIO: https://monoskop.org/Viking_Eggeling

Iggo Frost, born in [Stockholm, Sweden] is making music since 1979. Most known band is Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons. He is been working with film and digital media since 1998 and he moved to Bangkok 2016. PLENTY!! is his current platform for artistic expression.

Iggo Frost - Bass and Electronics
Mr Lion Tiger Dinosaur - Growling
Please visit my Bandcamp site! https://plenty0.bandcamp.com/
or Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/iggofplenty

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