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Expanded Animation 2015 - Erick Oh (KR): Animation to illustrate life

von dorftv / am 05.08.2016

Ars Electronica 2015
FH Hagenberg

Erick Oh is a Korean filmmaker / painter based in California, USA. His work has been introduced and nominated at Annecy Animation Festival, Hiroshima Animation Festival, Student Academy Awards, Zagreb Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, Anima Mundi, Ars Electronica and numerous other international film festivals and galleries world wide. After receiving his BFA from Fine Art Department at Seoul National University and his MFA from UCLA’s film program, Erick joined Pixar Animation Studios as an animator in 2010. Erick’s most recent independent animated film, ‘The Dam Keeper’ was nominated for the Academy Awards this year.

Presentation: Animation to illustrate life
Erick Oh, an animator at Pixar Animation Studios has been striving in his own terms to tell stories and breathe life into still images by creatively bridging and merging various fields of art. While working on animated features at Pixar that captivates audiences of all ages across the world, he has introduced his experimental independent films at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals including Cannes, Annecy and Hiroshima. In this session, Erick shows us how he has been using animation as a form of artistic expression and shares his general filmmaking process.



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