EA2013 02 Suzanne Buchan

Created at 14. Apr. 2015

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by patfish

Expanded Animation 2013
Suzanne Buchan (CH/UK)
Presentation: Pervasive Animation

Animation is pervasive in contemporary moving image culture. This talk first briefly explores its implementation in a range of disciplines, from how it dominates information, games and learning technology interfaces, and as screens become part of everyday life, why animation will increasingly influence our understanding of how we see and experience the world visually. Besides these rather prosaic uses, we will then turn to how animation is transforming cinema and time-based art, and consider some formal,
aesthetic and critical intersections with ‘experimental’ fi lm and digitally rendered features and shorts. Through examples that include recent ARS Electronica award-winning works, we will see that as artists increasingly incorporate animation in new media, installation art, and performance, the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art economies, and between ‘animation’ and other arts, are becoming more permeable.

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