EA2013 05 Karin Wehn

Created at 14. Apr. 2015

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by patfish

Expanded Animation 2013
Karin Wehn (D)
Presentation: Conquering New Ground: Animation on the Move

Animation has always been expanding, although ignored by fi lm studies. Animation—longtime a niche—is no longer just happening on cinema and television. Digitization and the Internet have led to a range of production techniques, new platforms, distribution methods, artforms and discourse. Many ideas are not new but have predecessors in analogue art. Especially young artists (often Digital Natives) are embracing the new opportunities beyond the big and the small screen. Without the usual anxieties they are conquering new ground and experimenting with the new devices. By quoting many examples from internationally renowned artists, this talk highlights different approaches of how animation is moving into new directions on the intersection between fi lm, games, performance, architecture, media art and comic books.

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