Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral

Created at 1. Jun. 2020

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by Monica Vlad

This is Kitchens first video that has been lost for 33 years!

Band Info
Anne Taivanen (now Larsson) - vocal
Helena Lönnqvist - synthesizer
Iggo Karlsson (now Frostander) - synthesizer
Jackie Pazda (now Huberhofer) - bass
Mats Wigerdal - drums

Iggo was playing in a band called Psyco wich had a gig planned at Musikverket in Stockholm. Due to illness the gig was cacelled but Iggo wanted to take the opportunity to do something else. Jackie and Mats played at that time in Porno Pop and together with Jackies new girlfriend Anne they within two days wrote and rehearsed three songs that they performed under the name Gdansk. After two gigs the name was changed into Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons. At the same time Helena joined in playing synth.

After a few more concerts they were invited by the producer Johan Vävare to record a single in a studio he had access to. Four tracks were recorded but only two were put on the record - ¨Fantastic and ¨Happy Funural¨. In the beginning of 1981 Patrik Lindvall joined the band on guitar at the same time as the second single ¨Ice Cream to God ¨ was recorded and to be released that spring. Around summer later that year Anne quit to be replaced by Iodine Jupiter but a few month later Mats and Helena left and the band continued with different members and the name shorten into ¨Kitchen¨and is considered as a different band.

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