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Ambient Jam #3 - Michael Hollingshead & Timo Dufner

von Monica Vlad / am 08.05.2020

>> Artists
Michael Hollingshead (guitar, stuff)
Timodufner (modular, stuff)
Tschänz (Visuals)

> Michael Hollingshead
„The Californian born ambient experimentalist channels his roots in the reverb drenched garage and surf rock west-coast soundscapes of his youth, combined with lush cycles of deteriorating and pulsating sound loops- a marriage of tones peppered by the surfy punk rock guitar of East Bay Ray to contemporary ambient endeavors like Portland based ambient artist Amulets“

> timodufner
... is a musician, media artist and computer scientist. His work focuses on testing limits of hard- and software. In doing so, glitches are an unavoidable component he consciously puts up with. Characteristic features of his work also include direct interaction between sound and image and an exchange between audience and piece. All of his works are created real-time – in the very moment – and thus each performance is different. Real-time audio processing, machine learning and AI, live coding and numerous electronical instruments are being deployed.

> tschänz
Jens Schindel is a digital artist and self-employed software developer based in Tübingen, Germany. During his studies he worked in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Image/Signal Processing. The focus of his work is to make the latest research results accessible and experienceable to a wider audience in an interactive way. He implements projection mapping installations on various architectures and landscapes and regularly enriches the "Schlachthaus” events with visual-immersive experiences.

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