Federico Isasti - Initiative.Raumschiff, Linz, Austria, 2024-04-19

Created at 20. Apr. 2024

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Federico Isasti - Initiative.Raumschiff, Linz, Austria, 2024-04-19

Federico Isasti: drums, electronics, composition

Lo bueno no es de nadie (What is good belongs to no one) is a sound performance of drums, recited texts and interactive electronics. The set proposes a real-time dialogue between the drummer and the Argentine literary tradition of the 20th century using electronics as a tool to expand the different possible interactions between voice and drums. At the same time, the texts recited in the voice of their own authors are rearticulated as a result of the instrumental and electronic interventions: the original text becomes a hybrid text, unique, alive.
After presenting the first versions of the performance in masterclasses (Conservatorio Superior de Música "Astor Piazzolla", October 2022) and cultural spaces in Buenos Aires, Federico is accepted to work on the project in Banff Musicians in Residence, during January 2023 at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, in Canada.

Authors: recited texts (J. L. Borges, Oliverio Girondo, Jorge Cafrune, Edmundo Rivero).
Federico Isasti is a drummer, improviser, composer and audiovisual software developer based in Buenos Aires. He has recorded in more than twenty albums, toured Latin America, the United States and Europe and was awarded for his work as a drummer. As a composer he received a grant by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina), he composed music for dance (Simetrías, 2019), made audio visual pieces (IRS, 2021). He leads his trio La Disidencia de las Máquinas, Bruxante (solo set of drums and electronics) and co-leads NUDO (piano and drums duo with Mariano Sarra).


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