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Sommerloch # 21 - radio 433 presents Soundart from Linz

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Tresor Linz is excited to host the first stop of radio433 on tour, LNZ - sound art from Linz with Christoph Frey, Gregor Göttfert, Dawid Liftinger, Stefan Tiefengraber and Florian Voggender

Christoph Frey - Sequenz 10

Based on the idea of an acoustic diar y of feelings, the work is leading through abstract soundscapes. Computer generated sounds and manipulated field recordings create a dreamlike narrative space between music and sound sculptures.

Gregor Göttfert - Elektromagnetismus 3.Teil (Umformer)
Electroacoustic performance

By manipulating an arrangement of motor driven metal gears and electromagnetic pickups -a reference to the working principle of electromechanical organs of the 1930s and the 1940s-, as well as by the utilization of components of a german 1930s radar system, repurposed as effect device, Gregor Göttfert tries to explore the magnetic and electrical characteristics of the used materials and machines to work out their properties and faults. Through filtering, superimposition and mutual modulation, a complex and multi-layered acoustic construct thus grows out of a multitude of different electromagnetic

Dawid Liftinger - SOUND AND LIGHT

SOUND AND LIGHT is a highly concentrated audio visual performance. Through a digital interface via software, Arduino and relays, the fluorescent tubes are turned on and off. Sound and noise produced by the fluorescent starter will be recorded and amplified. The audience sits in a circle around the tubes, just like around a bonfire. The frequency of switching the tubes on and off will be increased steadily until the tubes seem to be destroyed. When the tubes are turned off, the performance is finished.

Stefan Tiefengraber - 징 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26 BK26
Audio / Video Noise Performance

For this noise performance, sound and video is generated through short circuits the artist produces with his wet fingers on opened devices and additionally the short circuits produced by the performer hitting a jing (korean gong), a Korean traditional instrument. This produces the typical sound of this instrument and is closing the circuit for short time. The skin’s resistance and the conductance of the human body combined with the components of the circuits are modifying the sound. The audio signal that is audible through the speakers is sent to a projector which is visualizing the signal in flickering and abstract shapes and lines in black and white. The used devices, such as ‘Walkmans’ and ‘Bontempi’ keyboards, are still useful in their original function.

Florian Voggender - Clouds
Audio / Videoperformance

An ongoing effort to receive pictures of the earth’s surface at sunset from weather satellites as they pass overhead.

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