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Dawid Liftinger | Corazón de Robota | Tresor Linz | Dec 19 2023 | canceled but not canceled

Created at 23. Dec. 2023

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by Tresor Linz

Tresor Linz - recorded on December 19 2023


Dawid Liftinger


Based on the installation RGBW by Camilo Sandoval and Dawid Liftinger.

RRRGGGBBBWWWRRRGGGBBBWWW (ACER P1285BT) challenges the film's conventional notions and uses the color imaging capabilities of standard home office projectors to create an immersive room installation. Basic components of film - speed, color, light, sound and darkness - are choreographed and stage the space. The artists deconstruct the process of projection itself and plead for the superiority of technical devices to the human eye. A rotating mirror in front of the lens of the projector uses the spatial light modulator, the digital light processing system (DLP*), which creates the illusion of color and transforms the white projection into an oscillating 360 degree panoramic kaleidoscope, accompanied by drone sounds designed to mirror the mechanical actions of the projector.


Corazón de Robota 

Corazón de Robota makes retro-technological and techno-manual noise creations from low-cost low-tech sound artifacts & electronic recycling. Her sound performance stages synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, filters and handmade distortions, incorporating error and electronic aberration.

Device arrangement is not fixed. She uses her DIY instruments as non-standard modules that are interconnected by cables. Signals and sound are therefore always unique, a chaotic organization of textures, feedbacks and random patterns that are set up live to explore and experiment with the rhythmic dimensions of noise.

The various sonorities generated go through the spectrum of audible and inaudible frequencies, leading us into a sensory journey of physical perceptions, vibrations, frequencies and demodulation of cosmic messages. Corazón de Robota’s DIY devices embody the philosophy of Electronic Anarchy and are all made using open source hardware.


Tresor Linz

Raum für Klangkunst und künstlerische Experimente.

Space for sound art and artistic experiments.


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