March 08 2022 | Tresor Linz | canceled but not canceled I Tim Shaw


Created at 7. Mar. 2022

403 Ansichten
by Tresor Linz

Tim Shaw - Tresor Linz - recorded on March 08 2022
Points of Failure is an ongoing series of concerts and installations where Shaw works with miscellaneous objects and repurposed audio equipment to create an audiovisual performance-environment. By using DIY electronics, found objects, light and sound making circuits, Shaw experiments live with the musical potential of everyday materials, in response to the architectural features of the performance space. By making and undoing objects, building hybrid mechanisms to make noise, deploying a disordered multi-sensory experience, a hypotonic environment is created in which sound, light, smoke, smell and movement are intertwined. Points of Failure environments have previously involved horn speakers, light bulbs, popping candy, tesla coils, air horns, spark gaps, satellite dishes, smoke pellets, car horns, water drips, hydrophones, bass shakers, bells, modular synthesisers, self made stringed instruments, balloons, transducers, speaker cones, rain, fans, solenoids, contact microphones, DIY circuitry and motors.

Tim Shaw is an artist working with sound, light and communication media. Presenting work through musical performances, installations and sound walks Tim is interested in how listening environments can be constructed or explored using a diverse range of techniques and technologies. He works with field recordings, electronics, video, modular synthesis, sound objects, self-made hardware and DIY software. Shaw has been lucky enough to work with Chris Watson, Phill Niblock, John Bowers, Dirty Electronics, Tetsuya Umeda, Jacek Smolicki and Sébastien Piquemal. Recently his work has been presented at Sanatorium of Sound, Sokołowsko (2021) Sonic Protest, Paris (2021), NNOI, Brandenburg (2021), Cafe OTO, London (2021) Lokal INT, Biel (2021), LUFF, Lausanne (2020), Cave12, Geneva (2020), Novas Frequencias, Rio de Janeiro (2019),, Moscow (2019) CAMP, France (2019), Arnolfini, Bristol (2018) & Experimental Intermedia, New York (2018).


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