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LiWoLi 2012 - Awkward Family Fotos / Swarming Artifact

von servus / am 08.06.2012

LiWoli - Art Meets Radical Openness.
24.-26.5.2012, Linz.

Organized and curated by: servus.at in cooperation with the Art University Linz / Interface Cultures.

Awkward Family Fotos: Swarming Artifact

Swarming Artifact is a performance of electroacoustic music improvisation through digital and analog sound synthesis for the LiWoLi festival. For digital sound signal processing we use FLOSS such as PureData and SuperCollider under Ubuntu linux. For analog sound synthesis we recycle devices with circuit bending. The aim is to explore sound-based music by progressively refining our musical interfaces to control them "real-time" during a performance. We shape diverse musical ideas or sound synthesis techniques into a solid piece of music, not just by taking control of interactive musical instruments but also by responding to any unpredictable behavior. download source code url: http://afp.labyrinthos.gr/toolbox.zip Audio examples url: http://afp.labyrinthos.gr/discography

Live at LiWoLi, 25.5.2012

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