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LiWoLi 2012 - Restlichtverstärker / Servando Barreiro & Malte Steiner, part 01

von servus / am 04.06.2012

LiWoli - Art Meets Radical Openness.
24.-26.5.2012, Linz.

Organized and curated by: servus.at in cooperation with the Art University Linz / Interface Cultures.

Restlichtverstärker - Servando Barreiro / Malte Steiner

Restlichtverstärker is a Berlin music duo of Servando Barreiro and Malte Steiner, working together since 2011. They created a complex stepsequencing and soundsynthesis patch for Pure Data and work with two synchronized laptops via OSC. They augmenting their performances with generative visuals, also done in Pure Data. The music can be described as rhythmical Clicks And Cuts or IDM. With the open source Pure Data they found their ideal platform to collaborate, exchange and explore sequencing and synthesis concepts plus are able to include easily stock and custom hardware controllers.

Recording of the live-broadcast from Stadtwerkstatt on 24.5.2012

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