LiWoLi 2012 - Otelo / OggStreamer


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LiWoli - Art Meets Radical Openness.
24.-26.5.2012, Linz.

Organized and curated by: in cooperation with the Art University Linz / Interface Cultures.

Otelo: OggStreamer

The OggStreamer is an audiostreaming device tailored to the specific needs of free radiostations, it is using the royalty-free ogg/vorbis audiocodec and supports the popular IceCast2 audiostreaming server. The whole design, including electronics, mechanical design and software, is released under OpenHardware and OpenSources licenses. This enables the easy integration of specific features and adaption of the design for other purposes. The first batch of 12 devices will be produced and we are currently evaluating ways and possibilities to create more devices and spread these devices around the community to attract more developers to participate to this project and to enhance its functionality. It is also noteworthy that the OggStreamer is the first production-ready device developed at the Open Technology Laboratory Vöcklabruck.

Recording of the live-broadcast from Stadtwerkstatt on 25.5.2012



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