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Momentum Novars - Konzert im Deep Space des Ars Electronica Centers

von dorftv / am 12.11.2013

Momentum Novars collective improvisation with interactive audiovisual realtime processing

at SonicIntermedia: NOVARS at the DeepSpace of Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria 14. Oktober 2013

Se-Lien Chuang, Yang-Chin, interactive visuals *) Andreas Weixler, realtime audio processing **) David Berezan, computer sound source ***) Mark Pilkington, 'Sketch on Glass' ****) Constantin Popp, realtime audio processing *****)

*) modular filter patch with audio driven realtime video processing in Max Msp Jitter by Se-Lien Chuang

**) SpectraSonic is a realtime audio software developed by Andreas Weixler, it consists of multichannel granular synthesis, spectral delay, controlled by virtuoso chances & machine musicianship

***) 8-channels Max/MSP audio processing by David Berezan

****) 'Sketch on Glass' is an algorithm that abstracts musical information from cognitive and symbolic models. The real-time sound processing environment allows for one single gestural movement to control several sound parameters at once in order to produce a complex sound treatment. A combination of manual, dynamic and visual event driven input processes was mapped to sonic transform processes by Mark Pilkington

*****) live-patch in SuperCollider (PLib) by Constantin Popp

Cam: Hassan Zanjirani Farahani Video & Audio Edit: Se-Lien Chuang Sound Engineer: Martin Edtmayr Coordination: Andreas Weixler

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