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von VramanMusiclabs / am 03.11.2015

a mixture of African rhythm and pop.
the artist brings us to another universe.
it is a charmer, he sings the beauty of women.
He reveals that title, which is an excerpt from his upcoming album."RETOUR DU PHOENIX"

Viny-Raman is an original Congolese artist and resident in Austria in Linz.
Making a mixture of Congolese styles, urban and Caribbean ... he called .
In summary, it is very young that debuted in the music of a Rumba / Ndombolo group in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Converted into the medium Hip Hop, he founded the G-6 group and after Viny-Raman joined the ADT group (with Kebs, Dino and others) with whom he will release several demos and played the shows in Kinshasa.
And this that he discovered the zouk style, by mixing everything with a touch Congolese particular ..
His way of meeting the Kebs, Martin Nitram, Jireh, Laval-T, Nada Typo and Pedro Luis martines artist rapper from the Dominican republic, notably called .

This congo Dominican duo collaborate together on the same title a Dancing rhythm, which is a mixture of Latino Sounds and African. With this single, they get Due series of concerts. Currently the artist working hard on his first Album . Album rich in sounds whose output is provided between this year end or early 2016

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