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Live-Sendung vom 21.2 2021



Es ist soweit! Das 15. Kaffee Adele kocht euch den besten Kunstkaffee!


Diesmal mit:


------------ Masha Dabelka

The musician Masha Dabelka began early musical education at the age of four at the music school in Novosibirsk. After numerous cultural activities in Russia in 2008, she continues her professional and student career in Vienna, Austria. There she produces electronic music from ambient to techno, experimental and drone - for film music, sound installations and other art and commercial projects.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she passed her diploma with honors. After she started her doctoral studies in philosophy. As a DJ, live performer, sound artist, she performs at various international festivals.

In addition to the artistic activity, she also gives workshops in the field of electronic music for pupils and students. She runs Turntablista - her DJ school for women, and she is currently employed as a lecturer at the MUK. 

In 2017 she released her first solo album on vinyl. 








---------------- Line Finderup Jensen

Line Finderup Jensen (* 1991/Denmark) works and lives in Vienna, Austria. With a background in video and animation from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2019), Jensen works as an artist and freelancer in film, 3D simulation and interactive video. Her work is presented internationally in solo and group exhibitions and screened at film and media festivals.


..... und einem kleinen Wintergruß von Adele Knall aka A | M | K, your favourite Livemoderation!



Danke MA7 und Echoraeume.




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