Kaffee Adele VI

Created at 11. Nov. 2020

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by echoraeume

Sendung vom 28. Mai.

——— Vitória Monteiro

Vitória Monteiro comes originally from the theater scene and focuses her work more on directing, producing and digital media since 2013, initially through her studies and subsequently through working on film and performance projects in Brazil. She decided to deepen her studies in a transmedial direction and began in 2017 the Art and Digital Media Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna. In Vienna Vitória is active in different artistic and political circuits and her practice has as foundation political and queer-feminist insights.


—– Tony Renaissance

Tony Renaissance’s liquid emotional landscapes seduce the listener to pursue a queer and dynamic utopia. Their instrumentations are playful: here an angelic voice slips over somber beats and mystical sound-collages, a dizzy synthesizer pulses with the possibilities of an orchestral underscore. Championing “radical softness,” Tony sources from the glow of daydreams and melancholy pop alongside the collective, cosmic unconscious of cyberspace. A delight of the listener is gauging, wondrously, the precarious space between the pretend and the very serious.

Tony’s label Tender Matter will debut their EP Dreamreality on June 5 2020.


——— ‘i didnt die i just stopped going out’

is an experimental combination of club music and spoken word, where text and mood dwell similarly to thoughts of Mark Fisher’s ‚depressive hedonism‘. Saturated nights, thirsty wishes, felt impotence for anything else.. The performance is a question mark made out of party stories / philosophical reflections, looping and escalating music.


Danke an SKE und 17. Bezirk!

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