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Mai Ling Speaks #01

von echoraeume / am 04.08.2020

Mai Ling Speaks is a series of online performances, lectures and interviews connecting the active voices that are dealing with the anti-Asian ramifications of these exceptional times. How can we find community and solidarity at a time where anti-Asian xenophobia related to Covid-19 is escalating? What are the tools needed to contest this new normality and what everyday practices of solidarity can be performed?
Mai Ling Speaks is a subversive format aiming to diverge the discourse towards the individuals and communities affected while, at the same time, create a discursive platform that bridges artistic practices with theory.

part 1. (0'23"): Mein Name ist Mai Ling (12’05”, audio play/audio piece | 2019) by Mai Ling
part 2. (13'00"): Interview with New York-based artist – Kenneth Tam, founder of “We are not Covid” and member of StopDiscriminAsian (SDA)

More information:
– We are not Covid
– StopDiscriminAsian (SDA)
– Kenneth Tam
– Mai Ling

*Initial broadcast time on echoraeume.klingt.org: 8pm, Thursday 7 May 2020
*This project is financially supported by ÖH Uni Wien.

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