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by jaskaran anand

under the evening of "Altered Affairs". Performance Projekt von Jaskaran Anand. Labelled-unlabelled, boxed-not boxed, white and black, male and female, good and bad; the performance focuses on the act of conscious and unconscious labelling, due to the strict criteria’s available in our knowledge of words to prejudice and stereotype people. L-INKED (working title) is a performance researching upon the social definitions of a sexual being. The performer understands desire as a formless entity and believes that desire does not see any definitions or blocks, it just desires. Where does my boundary between the ‚desire of being in a trance ‚ and ‚the learnt seduction‘ exists? Credits: Concept, Choreographer and Performer: Jaskaran Anand (AT/IND) Dramaturgy: Robert Steijn (AMS/MX) Music: Renu Hoessain (UK/IND/GE), Britney Spears, Robin Thicke and The Paino Guys Performance supported by: RedSapata Linz

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