Hibernating Further


Created at 12. Jun. 2019

3434 Ansichten
by dorftv

Have you been an audience for a live tv show?

Plasticity, plastic, media, technology, psychology, interactivity, mind

An interdisciplinary live show evening with sound, and video installation for spreading the awareness around the theme of plastic in our daily life.

Concept & performer: Jaskaran Anand
Video: Jaskaran Anand
Composer & Sound performer: Stevie J. Sutanto
Technical Collaborator: Stefan Fuchs
Costume: Jaskaran Anand and Afra Sonmez

Special mention : Gabriele Kepplinger, DorfTV Linz; Enrique Tomas, Kunst Universität; Stella Mar and FridaysforFuture, Linz

streamed live by dorftv at https://dorftv.at/home (so you can watch it from anywhere in the world)

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