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PLANKTON VIRTUAL CLUB NIGHT - feat. Jaskaran Anand, Roland Dondo, Simona Stangova 2

von kitsune_2905 / am 08.07.2020

Team for the event aims on creating virtual extensions of a physical space, emphasizing on experiencing the sensation of body relativity in time-space dimensions It aims to prosper the interconnected-ness amongst the individual.self(s) involved in that physical space & the digital space.

Production: PLANKTON Electronic Movement
Technical Direction: Andi Liszt, Roland Stampfer, Stefan Fuchs
Artistic Direction"In-between Privacy": Jaskaran Anand
Collaborators and artists of the event: Daniele d'Agnelli, Lorant Masher, Dirty Harry, Sorb, NDL, Alessai Rizzi, Yazdan Zand, Fathima, Simona Stangavo

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