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Interface Cultures Musikkapelle

von dorftv / am 22.12.2014

Concert: Interface Culture Musikkapelle

The 'Interface Culture Musikkapelle' is an unusual electronic music ensemble where each performer has to build an unique and novel musical interface for musical expression. Without the need of a conductor, smaller groups of musicians propose musical improvisations involving any kind of musical aesthetic.


I. "Praising prosthesis"
Mihaela Kavdanska, Carina Lindmeier, Moritz Morast, Federico Tasso, Jens Vetter
"The human being have become a god of prosthesis, very powerful, when he puts on all his prosthetic limbs. But still in a struggle with their use, because they are not part of his body." Sigmund Freud
The skin, the sword, the hula hoop, the clapping, the stomping, the voice take part in the ritual. The BODYGROUP keeps alive musical instruments with their movements.

I. “Retroments”
Yen Tzu Chang, Arno Deutschbauer, I-Chih Fang, Oliver Lehner, Marta Pérez Campos, Florian Reiche
Retroments is understanding 'retro' as the digital re-building of vintage objects and old instruments. The involved interfaces, used in a traditional way, also can control and play an arrangement of sound structures and melodies created within their altered digital nature.

I. “Scan-In / Ob-ject”
Carlos Ortí, Nathan Guo, Warren Perkovic
Scanning means detecting. It is a discovery happening at the very surface interface of some objects involved. A concert's audience scan is the principle of our improvisation, so they will be responsible of the time structure of the piece.

I. “Arthropoda”
Viktor Delev, David Gann, Jürgen Ropp, Deniz Saglam,
An improvisation inspired by the arthropod world. Real insect larvae are used to create organic drones, accompanied by instruments resembling insects and their exoskeletons.

Organized/Curated by Enrique Tomás
With the support of Interface Cultures and Kunstuniversität Linz

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