Expanded Animation - Ars Electronica 2018 - Rainer Kohlberger (AT) SHIMMERING PERCEPTRONS


Created at 24. Jun. 2019

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by patfish


There have always been ghosts in our machines. Experimental artists are the ones accepting and inviting them to take part in their process. Today one can use sophisticated algorithms from a vast stack of software to build one’s own laboratory to create new images and sounds. Kohlberger talks about his own choice of methods when generating his works in real time for live performances or transforming found footage through machine learning algorithms for his films. With the help of the ghost’s spooky actions that are incorporated into a process of computational thinking, fuzzy works emerge. Soaked in noise, they challenge the inner processes of the machine and our perceptual apparatus at once.

Fachhochschule OÖ – Campus Hagenberg (AT), Ars Electronica (AT)
Das Symposium Expanded Animation feiert mit der fünften Ausgabe sein erstes kleines Jubiläum. Im Mittelpunkt der Diskussion stehen hybride Technologien und deren Auswirkungen auf die Animationsproduktion. Die Entwicklungen werden in mehreren Panels aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven von AnimationsfilmemacherInnen, MedienkünstlerInnen, Game-DesignerInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen ausgelotet.

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