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von dorftv / am 24.06.2019

One of our dominant artistic themes is Liminality – the exploration of temporary in-between spaces found at transitions, where volatile meanings emerge from a semiotic twilight. Positioned at our cultures most prominent (dissolving) boundary – between the physical and the virtual – the Interface inherits a multitude of references ranging from the purely functional to mythological and transcendental. Immersive VR represents a medium that is at the same time display and interface. This renders interaction unavoidable while supercharging the virtual with a phenomenological quality similar to nature itself. These reality melting abilities and their metaphoric potential were the starting point for our artistic exploration, that lead to "The Lacuna Shifts" – a spatio-poetic VR experience which transports the visitor to a constantly changing narrative space. In this talk I want to discuss the narrative potential of transitory, hermetic systems based on samples of our work and process. I attempt to explore the algorithm as the core device for digital manifestations that bears resemblance both with magic and ritual, if we consider it from a potential perspective of language and myth.

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