Animal Music Symposium: Animal language, animal music

Created at 16. Jun. 2017

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by Julian Zauner

Animal language, animal music: Are language and music exclusively human?

The fact that communication and musical feeling is only a human cultural criterion has not been valid for a number of years. The formation of musicality is most probably due to neurological links in vertebrate animals.

Helmut Kratochvil

Born in Baden near Vienna: Education – HTL Specialization in electrical engineering, professional activity in the “Elektrotechnische Versuchsanstalt Arsenal Wien” and in the industry (engineering office), afterwards self-employment in the technical commercial area and at the same time studies at the University of Vienna – main subject zoology and subsidiary subject botany, dissertation – Metabolic physiology (including the development of an automatic respirometer). Afterwards university career, most researches in the field of bioacoustics, especially on phonetic systems in fish. Participation in an international program for the control of sleeping sickness, researches in zoological gardens, development of new laboratory methods (Körperschallregierung, phytoacoustics – use of acoustic side effects of photosynthesis in aquatic plants for measuring purposes).

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