JAMARAM - Lonely


Created at 3. Jan. 2017

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by DORFbrunnen

JAMARAM - "Lonely"
aus dem Album "La Famille"
(c) Musik und Text Jamaram GbR
(c) Musikvideo Felix Löchel

Tom Lugo - Vocals
Samy Danger - Guitars, Vocals
Murxen Alberti - Drums
Benni Beblo - Bass
Lionel Wharton - Keyboards
Nik Thäle - Percussion
Hannes Beblo - Saxophone
Daniel Noske - Trompete


like a caleidoscope will turn and make the picture change
although the image may be shifting the colours you can see will be the same
when I wake up a new opportunity with every new day
and at the end of the day it's what you do and not about what you may say

it gets so lo-lo-lo lonely
in the night

I better tell you know before my time has come to go
ah ah - time to go now
I want you to know it's been so nice to know you
ah ah - nice to know
better tell you now before my lights go out
it's been so so nice to be around
and even if some doubt is what I must go through
this is my life I'm livin' now


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