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Ukradena Galerie Linz 05/12 - 05/13

von Ukramobil / am 24.05.2013

First started in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, in 2010 the experimental street art project „Ukradená Galerie“ is constantly put into practice from a collective of artists and participants of Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Linz, Dresden, Banska Stiavnica, Písek and Telc.
Originally intended to take place in a squat in Cesky Krumlov to celebrate an artistically expressed and subversive riot, Ukradená Galerie was given its name, which literally means „stolen gallery“. Everybody is invited to participate socio-culturally in urban space which expands the ways to express art.
The Ukradená Galerie Linz – section currently hosts a mobile stolen gallery which gives the artist the option to cruise around seven days after the vernissage with the exhibition space – embedded in a modified bicycle trailer.
Ukramobil was getting started after the original exhibition box was stolen from the traffic sign pole in Lustenauerstreet- positioned for eight weeks and 5 exhibition openings.

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