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LAIBACH - Interrogation Machine, Part 3

von dorftv / am 15.03.2012

LAIBACH Interrogation Machine.
Guest Lecture with Ivan Novak (alias Ivo Saliger, alias Sperans), Engineer of the Human Souls.

Art University Linz, 5.3.2012.
Organized by: Institute for Interface Culture.

The group lives in Ljubljana and working on variety of different projects, from electronic experiments to experimental industrial jazz (VOLKSWAGNER), film and theatre music, currently preparing new records to be released in 2012. End of March 2012 Laibach is starting with their WE COME IN PEACE tour, supporting the Iron Sky film and album release. http://www.laibach.org/ http://wtc.laibach.org/ http://www.facebook.com/Laibach http://www.laibach.nsk.si/

Part 1: http://www.dorftv.at/videos/dorf-tv-link/3754
Part 2: http://www.dorftv.at/videos/dorf-tv-link/3755
Part 3: http://www.dorftv.at/videos/dorf-tv-link/3756

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