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Quod Arachnida - Adjustments / prod by tauschfühlung

von biancaanneb / am 10.10.2017

Quod Arachnida - Adjustments
Since the end of 2016 you can find the voice of Bianca Anne Braunesberger and the instrumentals from Stefan Zotter under the name of Quod. With their first release Arachnida, the singer is dealing with the occuring of spiders in her nightly dreams. This is leading her to topics such as the going down of materialistic being, the borderless continuity between illusion and reality as well as the soul as inhabitant of a dying body. She questions the fact of holding on to used situations and the mystic of spiders which occur dark on the one hand, but living in a fragile body on the other hand.

released September 22, 2017 license
all rights reserved

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