The Empress Club N°9 - THAT FUCKING SARA (Ger)

Created at 11. Nov. 2014

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by ufuk

THAT FUCKING SARA'S (Berlin, Germany) first contact to music was through electric boogie. In 1983 she forced her mum to buy her the Hey You The Rock Steady Crew 7“, which got her forever hooked on vinyl (and sneakers, but that’s another story) and eventually led to her activities on the decks roughly a decade later…
In 1994 she put on a legendary rave in her apartment that was such a smash-up success, that she had to move out while cleaning for two weeks afterwards. Since that experience she decided to continue sophisticated partying – just anywhere and everywhere else but home. This has lead her to be involved with many different countries, venues and events including a dance theatre in London, an after-party for Erasure, an art opening for Obey, Hip Hop Kemp, Splash!-Festival, Raphistory (Zürich, Berlin, Biel and ST. Gallen), numerous street parades and small dark clubs, a whole slew of gay parties and plenty of other happy fests. Since relocating to Berlin in 2005, she’s enriched the town’s nightlife (and other citys too) with mainly HipHop but it might happen that some disco, old school electro, soul, funk, grime and italo tunes felt down in her recordbag as well. The magical ride behind the decks have been taking her to a lot of different places not to mention states of mind and the journey continues. That Fucking Sara has been tour dj for Yarah Bravo, Devin the Dude, Rah Digga, Wildchild, Elzhi amongst others.

Live gesendet am 8.11.2014

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