Public Health and community media: why?

Created at 9. Feb. 2024

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Keynote of Jun Ryan Orbina, held at the E3J-Conference “Public Health Literacy and Community Media in Europe” organised by COMMIT and CMFE in Vienna, January 19, 2024 at Presseclub Concordia 

Jun Ryan Orbina, technical officer, vaccine demand and behavioural science at WHO, highlighted the central role of Community Media when it comes to strengthen awareness in the field of Public Health in local context. 
Jun stressed that engagement of communities is so important because it builds on the trust necessary when addressing public health issues. He furthermore underscored the power and importance of community media in rural areas, where information also on public health needs to be shared with the involvement of the communities themselves.

More infos on the conference and the E3J-project can be found here:

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