The Eternal Archives · Putting in Order and Being Put in Order (Trailer)

Created at 24. Jun. 2019

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Trailer to the video ”The Eternal Archives · Putting in Order and Being Put in Order“. (Peter Putz, 2’20“, 2019) with: Matti Bunzl, Director Wien Museum; Alexander Kluge, writer and filmmaker; Cornelius Kolig, artist; Elke Krasny, curator and professor, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; Shaheen Merali, writer and curator, London; Johanna Rachinger, General Director, Austrian National Library; Moritz Riesewieck, director „The Cleaners“.

Archives, collections, data storage and "The Eternal Archives“. Discussions, questions and answers about the areas: Why, by whom, and in what interest is collected? Who influences what is archived? Can collections have an impact on our lives and impact in the future? Is there room for self-determined living in a time when data mining is going on at a gigantic rate, every point on earth is being monitored and all the personal information collected is potentially capitalizable? The video examines the extent to which institutionalized collections influence the public and the relevance of individual collections. What role or function can an independent, personal project like "The Eternal Archives“ have - in which context is it to be seen?

38 min, 2019, concept, direction, production: Peter Putz; editing and digital produktion: Monica Parii / On Screen; camera: Peter Putz, Thomas Holzinger, Luca Putz; sound: Patrick Spanbauer / On Screen and Thomas Holzinger; music: Felix Del Tredici, Christian Smith; digital animations: Markus Hanzer; © Peter Putz · www.ewigesarchiv.at · 2019

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