Open Design Symposium Art University Linz / #1 - David Cuartielles / Open Hardware

Created at 25. May. 2012

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by dorftv

Art University Linz, 23.5.2012

David Cuartielles (ES/SE) / Open Hardware
Arduino As Enabler of Open Design: Design using Open Source Hardware

David Cuartielles is currently the head of the Prototyping Laboratory at K3, Malmö University, Sweden, while he conducts his doctoral thesis. In 2005 David co-created the Open Hardware platform Arduino, for which they have earned an Honorary Mention to the Ars Electronica Digital Community Prix 2006. In 2007 he developed a robotic theater piece at the Lorca Museum in Granada, Spain and had a research residency at Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, Korea. In 2008 he created the 1scale1 Prototyping Studio specialized in building interactive art installations and software for mobile platforms. In 2009 he launched the project “la Maquila del Faro” in Mexico City,where he created a laboratory for educating children in the use of open source tools, the internet, and robotics. Since 2010 he is research fellow at the Medea Research Studion in Malmo University, Sweden. From 2011 David is building the Arduino robotics platform called Lottie Lemon and designing the Arduino block programming language.


Recording of the live boradcast of dorf tv.

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