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FEEL BARCELONA ein Film von Gunther Machu

von DORFbrunnen / am 05.03.2012
Tags musik

Barcelona is one of these cities with that special flair. You get immersed, stroll around and forget about time. I was lucky to have a warm late afternoon in February, and catched a few shots on my way.

You might say I didn't make it that far, as Barcelona has lightyears more to offer than is shown here. You are right. I will be back soon hopefully.

Music is performed by Piero Pesce & Stefano Pompilio "Questioni Meridionali", the song's name is "facitele abbalà"
You can find Piero on myspace.com/pieropesce - thank you for allowing me to use the images and music, Piero!

I hope you enjoy this piece!

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