Kristine Tjøgersen - Spiracle

Created at 24. Jan. 2018

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Kristine Tjøgersen: Spiracle

Spiracles are external openings for breathing found in some animal species, such as insects, spiders and some species of fish and whales. The function of spiracles is linked to respiration, helping oxygen to reach internal respiratory organs, such as lungs in whales and tracheae in insects. Whales and dolphins have a spiracle on the top of their head, from which they inhale and exhale air. These aquatic mammals have a muscular flap in their spiracle that controls their opening and closing, thus avoiding water entering the lungs.

Kristine Tjøgersen is a composer, visual artist and clarinetist, who lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She is currently studying Master in composition with prof. Carola Bauckholt at the Anton Bruckner Universität in Linz, Austria. She also has a Master’s degree in clarinet from the Norwegian Academy of Music where she studied with prof. Hans Christian Bræin, and did composition studies with prof. Asbjørn Schaathun. She plays in the award winning ensembles Asamisimasa and Ensemble neoN, and has collaborated with composers like Helmut Lachenmann, Alvin Lucier, Mathias Spahlinger, Phil Niblock, Simon Steen-Andersen, Trond Reinholdtsen and Øyvind Torvund, and has performed at most of the major European new music festivals. As a composer she has been performed by a.o. the Arditti Quartet (UK), asamisimasa, Ensemble neoN, Pinquins (N) and Mimitabu (SE) at festivals like Musik21 (DE), Cycle Festival (IS), Reykjavik Contemporary Art Museum (IS), Sonic Festival (DK), Atalante (SE) Only Connect festival (NO), Musick@VillaRomana (IT), Ultima festival (NO) and North Atlantic Flux (UK). Tjøgersen has a special interest for music that combines sound and image and has also made music for theatre and film as well as installations.

Das Stück wurde im Rahmen des Festivals "Leicht über Linz" vom
BLECH HOCH 10 interpretiert.

Patricia Kiefl, Stefan Bramberger, Nedeljko Djordjević, Hannes Krompass: Trompete
Lisa Neuböck, Rita Salgado: Horn
Thomas Gahleitner, Michael Spindler: Posaune
Matthias Haslinger, Christian Schick: Tuba

Leitung Saša Dragović


Leicht über Linz
Blech hoch 10
in Kooperation mit den Internationalen Tagen für Blasmusik in Vöcklabruck
Neun Uraufführungen – zehn Blechbläser/Innen
Leitung Saša Dragović
04.12.2017, 18.00 Uhr
Kleiner Saal  ABPU

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