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Wie Zuhause

von DORFbrunnen / am 05.05.2017

"Wie Zuhause" ist ein gemeinsames Projekt des Senders "Hromadske.UA" und der Thomson Reuters Stiftung. Der Film dauert 45 Minuten, wurde 2016 produziert, hat den Ukrainischen und Russischen O-Ton mit englischen Untertiteln.

Looks Like Home Country: Ukraine Year: 2016 Duration: 45 Studio: Hromadske.ua Original language: Ukrainian Language of subtitles: English Genre: documentary type of film: fiction, doc, animation

Screenwriter: Director: Angelina Kariakina, Oleksandr Nazarov DOP: Oleksandr Nazarov, Nikita Mekenzin, Bogdan Kinascuk Sound director: Danylo Venhreniuk Editor: Oleksandr Nazarov Producer: Angelina Kariakina, Anastasia Kanareva, David Hands Executive Producer: Dacid Quin Cast: Svitlana Medvedieva, Anna Yavorska, Kateryna Shliahova, Yuri Akop, Oleh Shurygin, Natalia Bedusenko, Nadiya Kyrylova, Yuliya Kulinenko, Georg Benoux, Mariya Panycheva, Karina Polischuk, Natalia Vorozhbyt, Tamara Kryshtaleva, Serafima Sokoliak, Dariya Chernova, Anna Zubkova

Logline: Ukraine. Four internal displaced people struggle to make a new place feel like home. Synopsis: The film features the personal accounts of three internally displaced people (IDPs) who became hostages of the ongoing conflict and were forced to flee their homes.

Director's CV: Oleksandr Nazarov Born in Chertkov in the Ternopil region. Master of Law at the Kiev National Economic University. From the beginning of the revolution and the subsequent conflict in Ukraine, is a reporter for Hromadske.ua. The main topics of journalistic research - events during the revolution of dignity, the annexation of the Crimea and military conflict in the east, IDPs, refugees, rehabilitation of war.Author of documentaries about the military reintegration into life after the war "Habilitation". Angelina Kariakina Born in Kyiv in 1985. Majored in German studies, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. Worked as a correspondent and editor with printed media, in 2011 joined Euronews Kyiv bureau. Covered mostly Ukrainian political and social affairs, Maydan protests, Russian aggression and conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Joined Hromadske TV in 2015 as a journalist and presenter. Covered Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko trial in Russia, refugee crisis in Hungary. In 2016 started an investigative documentary series "Traces of revolution" with a fellow journalist Anastasia Stanko. The series explores events of the Revolution of dignity 2013/14. The first episode "20/02. Turning point" won National Award for investigative journalism at the Mezhyhirya Fest in 2016. Completed a course for documentary filmmakers at Sergei Bukovsky Documentary School, Kyiv. Together with Oleksandr Nazarov and a team from Hromadske TV produced two documentaries on the life of displaced people: "Looks like home" and "Bread and cheese".

Director's filmography: "Crimea without choice"- 2014, "Habilitation" - 2016, "Bread and Chesse" - 2016

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