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WolfWolf - Roswell 47

von DORFbrunnen / am 20.04.2017

Song from the Vinyl Split Single with Blind Butcher (LuxNoise 2016)

Director: Reto Eller
Camera: Daniel Infanger, Reto Eller
Song written by WolfWolf

Label: Lux Noise Records
Label Website: http://www.luxnoise.com


The Blues of WolfWolf is as clean as a garbage dump of Sao Paulo. It's punk, it's filthy, it's country of the white trash and it even got aspects of the new wave of the early 80's. Reduced and raw WolfWolf sing songs about the simple life of the outlaw.A stand up drum and a plastic guitar is all the WolfWolf needs to get the people of the garage punk family going!
Get some meat - www.wolfwolfband.com

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