Pina Polar "Into the wild"


Created at 22. Jul. 2016

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by DORFbrunnen

Born in very east of Poland. During her intellectual adventures on the faculty of philosophy, she discovered circus art which become her complete passion. Always interested in the body work through the art of pantomime, dance theater, puppet theater, she arrived to the clown universe. In 2014 after many years of performing with international artists and clowns on the stages and streets of Europe and Central and South America, Pina Polar decided to play her SOLO CLOWN CIRCUS STREET SHOW "INTO THE WILD". The repertoire includes not only circus skills, but also fakir tricks, all given with the humorous spirit of clowning. Extraordinary talent for improvisation and brilliant humor makes her character a unique and unforgettable . She loves to make the audience laugh and laugh with them. Polar Pina is a combination of the wildness of the East and the rock & roll style of the West guaranteeing fun and delight for all.


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