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Interview with Ivan Zlatić – The Zrenjanin Group

von hweingar / am 04.01.2011

Freedom Fight Collective, or Pokret za Slobodu in Yugoslav, is a member of the Coordination Committee of Workers Protest in Serbia. One of the goals of Freedom Fight is to help create a horizontal, prefigurative, self-managed structure that would allow for a genuine workers self-activity - solidarity unionism.

The Meta-D.O.N. collective is talking with Serbian Freedom Fight activist Ivan Zlatic about how it all started out, the beginnings of the movement and how the collective was established. He also refers to ongoing social struggles in factories and at universities as a response to de-industrialisation and privatisation processes in Serbia.

This is the second session of a multipart interview with the Freedom Fight Collective produced in February 2010 in Belgrade. This interview series is part of the Meta-D.O.N. project New[B]Order, which deals with the privatisation and transition processes in Serbia.

More information on the New[B]Order Project www.meta-don.org/newborder www.pokret.net

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