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That just the way it is! - PressConference RefugeeProtestCamp

von flow 2spirit / am 04.01.2013

Live-Aufzeichnung von der Pressekonferenz des RefugeeProtest-Camp, Wien 03.01.2013

welcome, The refugees are here in the church for 16 days and 13 days doing hungerstrike, the situation is becoming more and more worse, because the high authorities are ignoring the meaning of their struggle, that is a struggle from human rights.

During this days there was some negotiations, like the roundtable at 21. 12 and yesterday with the ministry of interior relations, and the refugees are not satisfited with the negogiatios, they are having this feeling that their voices arent being heard, so that why we are one more press conferece, to talk about the current situation on the church, here its some of refugess and iam going to pass to the protagonists of the movement.

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