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Environmental Africa

von Black Community OÖ / am 21.12.2020

Environmental pollution and climate protection are global issues. Africa is important in several ways. Much of what is no longer needed here is sent to Africa - either through donations or through import-export trade, which is mostly carried out by migrants between Europe and their countries of origin. African raw materials and natural resources continue to be exploited after the end of the colonial era, by enterprises and also on a political level. This has an impact on the environment, the development of the country, its politics and its social system. Due to their geographic and economic location, African countries are extremely severely affected by climate change. In contrast, African countries play important pioneering roles concerning environmental protection. E.g. in Kenya the production, sale and use of plastic bags was prohibited by law in 2017. Already in 1977, Wangari Maathai initiated the "Green Belt Movement" - a project based on environmental protection, empowerment and education, especially for women. On the 18th of November the Black Community OÖ was taking up these issues in the form of a discussion with: Mary Ocansey Dr. Mag. Pierre Ouguehi Uche Njoku Ike Okafor

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